Everyone who’s known me for a while knows that mentorship is a huge aspect of my life. I was first introduced to a long-term mentor by the 180th Pacific Coast Rover Scout Group (you can read about my experiences here). Since then, I’ve relentlessly pursued personal development and jump at any opportunity to learn from others.

I found out about the Tri-Mentoring program through a newsletter sent out by the Computer Science Faculty in November. The sign-up process was incredibly simple – I filled out my name, year of study, my interests, and reasons why I wanted to participate. After that, things were quiet for about a month or so, and I had completely forgotten about the program until I heard back in January.

The kick-off event was fantastic! Mentors and mentees were divided into groups of 4 and each group was rotated round-robin style every 20 minutes. Mentees were encouraged to ask questions regarding academic success, career development, and learning opportunities. The experience was invaluable, and the mentors offer an abundance of insight into the industry.

According to the mentors, they look for the following traits in a candidate:

  • positive attitude about the job and toward the team
  • troubleshooting problems independently before asking others
  • understanding own strengths, weaknesses, and setting appropriate goals to improve
  • the ability to communicate both technically and on a big-picture basis
  • general curiosity and passion for learning

I strongly encourage everyone to participate in Tri-Mentoring. Mentorship changed my life for the better and gave me a direction in the uncharted waters of life.

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